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By introducing learners to ideas and concepts from the 21st century and stimulating discussion on recent thought provoking scientific themes, the Science curriculum at Fortismere aims to develop confident & independent young thinkers with enquiring minds. At KS3 there is a strong emphasis on practical and investigational work to enthuse and inspire; the course is designed to allow able students to follow an accelerated curriculum and embark on their GCSE study early in year 9. At GSCE and A level, lessons are taught by specialists from the departments of Biology, Chemistry & Physics, with all 3 sciences attracting large uptake in the 6th Form. Additional coaching is provided for those preparing for the National Olympiads, the AEA, the BMAT, or other specialist university examinations.


Our aim is to encourage learning in Biology to be stimulating and exciting for all students. We foster independent study and use exciting cutting edge practical work such as genetic transformation of bacteria. We also provide more well known practical experiences like dissection of mammalian hearts and eyes. We find students are naturally very inquisitive and learn quickly by experiencing at first hand the biology in the world around them.  


Practical work underpins learning in the majority of our lessons, whilst thinking skills and application of knowledge are always emphasised.  Students graduate from our chemistry courses with a firm grasp of the theory and with confidence in their practical skills. A dynamic subject, Chemistry is very popular in the Sixth Form, with many students going on to pursue related courses at university, particularly Medicine. 


Throughout the key stages we encourage students to develop their knowledge and understanding of Physics through practical experience, observation and data analysis, combined with open-ended investigative approaches. In the Sixth Form the Advancing Physics course provides a contemporary, dynamic view of the subject, with substantial use of ICT resources and modelling software.

Extra Curricular

KS3 Science club is very popular amongst the younger students. The emphasis is on thinking about science without the need to write it down. At Science club there are many activities that are not part of the taught curriculum. These include; making slime, fire writing, brain dissection and igniting methane bubbles to name but a few. Such experiences inspire our youngsters and get them really enthused about the wonderful world of science. Many of our older students are often eager to be involved in facilitating this club because it is so much fun.

We have also recently started a new STEM Club, run jointly by the Science, Technology and Maths teachers.  It offers a variety of exciting activities such as how to set up a Grand Prix Car, Using 2D design software and the schools laser cutter, designing rockets in a Rockets and Projectiles project and building bridges which will be tested to destruction. 

Year 7 pupils visit London Zoo and Y8 pupils visit the Natural History museum. These excursions are a highlight in the science calendar for many of our young scientists and the teachers alike.

6th form students are encouraged to visit lectures at London University colleges. Teachers regularly accompany students to UCL on Friday nights. Recent lectures include 'Are black holes really black?' & 'Life in the universe.' Outside speakers are also invited into school to discuss their research and chemistry students make an annual visit to the Daniell Lecture at UCL. Physics students visit the Rutherford-Appleton laboratories and Ecology field trips remain a firm favourite with our Biology students.
We have a good link with the NIMR which is helpful to a small number of our students who gained places on Nuffield science bursary projects in the summer of Y12.

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