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Remote Learning

As remote learning will continue to be the cornerstone of our school offer, we are working hard to deliver further improvements for all our students. In order to boost their engagement and ability to understand and complete the work set remotely by their teachers, we are increasing the levels of interactivity for all year groups after May half term, with students receiving ‘live’ lesson episodes from their teachers. With this in mind, it is essential that students strictly adhere to the Remote Learning Students' Protocol when being taught remotely. All students and their families must be familiar with this protocol to be found here

Remote Teaching and Learning: Software and Policy
The main vehicle for delivering remote learning will be Google Classroom. This enables staff to set lessons online as each timetabled class is now a ‘Classroom’ with the relevant member of staff allocated to it.  Pupils have been using this software for a number of years now and should therefore be familiar with the software (we have uploaded ‘how to use’ guidance onto the school website for parents). Students should access the work when lessons would take place, as the same member of staff(where possible)  will be available to support.  The work set will be in line with that delivered during normal school days/weeks/terms. This means that lessons will stop during the published school holidays.

Policy here

Google Classroom here

This software is already used in various ways by some departments but, obviously, any immediate, whole school usage brings about new challenges for us all. Therefore, please find attached to this letter, a parent version of the School’s policy for this form of teaching: the Fortismere Continuity Policy. The policy details rules about usage which are designed to protect all involved and offer clarification. Staff have also been briefed about the functionality of the software. In the event of an IT issue arising, please email ; a member of the IT Services Team will be in touch to help pupils continue their learning remotely.

Parental Support
Remote teaching obviously requires a different form of support from our parent body and we will very much appreciate whatever support you can give us. There are some clear details noted in the policy about the space needed and behaviour expectations but we will obviously need your support in managing behaviour remotely and in motivating pupils. Please email staff as you would do now if you have specific concerns and we will contact you via email. 

Staff Welfare
I am sure you are aware that  school closure will be an immensely difficult process for staff to manage, despite their professionalism and willingness to make it work. I would request that you keep emails to a minimum (an ordinary classroom teacher will have hundreds of pupils on their weekly timetables so individual emailing could too easily become an unmanageable torrent) and note that the guidelines about working days, etc are also to protect staff welfare as much as ensure clarity for pupils. Please also note that some staff are part-time and they will still be working within their contractual hours if we have to move to a remote working model. Remote teaching days will be as full as normal teaching days, so instantaneous responses will be no more possible than usual. Additionally, staff will also be navigating the health and care of themselves and their loved ones in any closure so please may I ask in advance that this is taken into account in any communication.

We will continue to update you as and when we receive more information and we are reviewing all aspects of the situation on a daily basis.