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Modern Languages curriculum


At Fortismere our language department has developed a curriculum that aims to:

1. Foster an interest in and enthusiasm for the culture and customs of the target language country and instil the passion and curiosity which will motivate students to be lifelong language learners.

2. To facilitate students’ ability to communicate in the target language, especially focused on key vocabulary and structures which allow students to ‘get by’ when they are in the target language country.

3. To prepare students for national exams so they have the tools and motivation to either continue with the subject at university or have a strong understanding of the language which they can draw on in later life.


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Contact the Modern Languages Department

Mr P Rainey Head of Department

Ms V Bruel

Ms I Cuenca

KS5 Curriculum Lead

ML Teacher

Ms A Emeriau-Gurtner

ML Teacher

Ms J Dabrowska

ML Teacher

Ms F Herrero ML Teacher

Ms H Huang

Deputy Head of Department - KS4 Curriculum Lead

Mr G Lewis

ML Teacher

Ms N Valdes KS3 Curriculum Lead

Mr H Li

ML Teacher

Mr S Timon

ML Teacher


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