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year 9

My name is Miss Williams, I have been teaching at Fortismere for 15 years as a PE teacher and pastoral lead. I am thrilled to continue on with my year group as Head of Year 9. 

We have an amazing cohort of students in Year 9 that have such an eclectic range of talents and skills. Last year we were particularly successful across all extra-curricular sports and had a huge number of students representing the school at borough and county level. We also have incredibly talented musicians, artists, actors, scientists, mathematicians, writers and speakers and more.

It never fails to impress me, how resilient and creative our students are. Having coped with an unprecedented school experience over the pandemic, to see how they have grown and adapted is truly remarkable.

I am looking forward to supporting students with their GCSE choices along with their tutors and parents this year.  It’s a very exciting time when students will get to chose their favoured subjects to explore further at key stage 4. 

We hope to be able to offer more trips and experiences this year, something these students truly deserve. I hope to continue to build relationships with our families and find the best ways to support every student in achieving their potential. 

If you want to contact me please email