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year 9

I am Ms A Williams and I am proud to be the Head of Year 9.  I teach in the Art department and also in the Design and Technology department. 

Mr D Ward is our Deputy Head of Year (Head of Keats College) and is a Design and Technology Teacher.  Mr Ward will be supporting me in all areas of leading Yr9 and specifically focusing on attendance and punctuality.  In addition to myself and my Deputy, we have an excellent team of tutors who are Mr McKay (9RM), Ms John (9JJ), Mr Hawkes (9MH), Mr McRill (9TM), Ms Hall (9AH), Ms DeFreitas and Mr Saleem (9ND), Ms Kubiangha (9AK), Mr Cox (9SC), Ms Jones (9EJ) and Mr Manhare (9SM).  The tutors are supported by Ms Greany, Ms Khatun and Mr Obosi.

Year 9 is an exciting year.  The students are now very familiar with the school and I am sure they will quickly settle into the new routines and expectations.  During the year, your child can continue to make progress in all subjects and really develop their knowledge and skills.  After Christmas, it will be the time to choose GCSE options and, although this can seem daunting, there will be lots of advice from the Heads of Departments.  

During Yr8, I had lots of positive comments from teachers about the attitude and behaviour of my students.  As Yr9s, they are now role models for the Yr7s and Yr8s.  I know that my students will continue to set an excellent example, and I will be very proud of them.