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year 7

My name is Ms Arrowsmith, and I am the Head of Year 7 and I will stay with you on your journey through Fortismere until the end of Year 11. I know year 11 seems a very long time away right now, but you know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun (and working hard). 

I have been teaching at Fortismere  since 2001 which to me seems like such a short amount of time but will seem like a very long time to you.  I teach a whole range of subjects, from PRE and PSHE to Sociology and Classics and I teach all the way up to sixth form.  In my time here, I have seen hundreds of students come through the gates as year 7’s, who are excited or nervous, and it is such a pleasure to have seen them leave as young adults with the world at their feet.  I have loved being at Fortismere as it really is a unique school and I know that you have so many opportunities and exciting times ahead of you and that you will have a chance to learn so many new subjects in a safe place.   We have so many dedicated teachers who love their teaching their subjects and will do whatever they can to share their passion with you.  We have fantastic facilities that support Sport, Music, Art, Drama, Reading and STEM, and I am sure that you will find an extracurricular club, competition, community event or school trip that will inspire you.  

It goes without saying that this has been a very strange time for us and all of our usual routines have been disrupted.   No matter what has already happened, myself, my Deputy Head Ms Garnett and all the year 7 tutors are all here to support the year group, and we all look forward to the exciting times ahead that come with being in secondary school.  

Miss  Arrowsmith