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year 7

Welcome everyone to Fortismere!

I am Ms Cuenca and I have been a member of Fortismere since 2008. I am a Languages Teacher and I have had several roles in school including Head of Alexandria College and now I have the pleasure to be Head of Year 7!

Ms Hargreaves is our Deputy Head of Year as well as Head of Franklin College and we also have our fantastic Form Tutors who are taking care of our Year 7 students: Mr Hearty (7PH), Mr Jefferies (7EJ), Ms Bhambra (7VB), Ms Gill (7TG), Ms Valdés and Mr Willcocks (7NV), Mr Woolley (7RW), Ms Coles (7CC), Ms Fox and Mr Allen (7KF), Mr Ward (7DW) and Ms Mangan (7KM).

Fortismere is a thrilling school with plenty of opportunities for everyone, staff are extremely inspiring teachers, we have a vibrant community and we all together have helped transformed hundreds of students’ lives. Transitioning into secondary school is never easy however at Fortismere we are very proud of our Transition system which allows year 6s to attend 3 Transition Days to get them ready to start in Year 7 and not feel frightened by such big school premises on their first few weeks at Fortismere. We also have a year 7 common room for them to have lunch and play games together as well as exclusive year 7 clubs so they can bond and get to know everyone else in the year group. But I would say that the key element of this transition is our famous Camping Trip where year 7s spend a day at Tolmers doing activities, followed by songs and marshmallows around a big camp fire and an overnight sleep.

This is an exciting year and the beginning of their journey at Fortismere so we will be here to help them in this possible bumpy road!