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year 7

My name is Ms K Williams and I am very pleased to introduce myself as the Head of Year 7. I have been teaching PE at Fortismere for 13 years. I have always had a passion for pastoral care and can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoy supporting students on their educational journey. I am particularly excited to be able to watch this year's year 7 cohort grow and flourish until they sit their GCSE exams in 5 years time.

Year 7 are supported by Miss Turner, our Deputy Head of Year and all or our wonderful tutors. Our tutor team consist of Mr Stewart (7DS), Miss Carrim (7SA), Miss Oakley (7FO), Miss Massey (7SM), Miss Charalambous (7LC), Mr Orton (7SO), Miss Vangucci (7MV), Miss Dolunay (7MD), Mr Alam (7SA) and Mr Ovayolu (7BO). We are also very lucky to have our co-tutors who also support tutor groups, Miss Boot, Miss Chapple, Mr M Stewart and Miss Dutton. These are the teachers who will build strong relationships with your children and deliver important content during tutor time. 

It goes without saying that this past year has been extraordinary and has taken some getting used to. The transition to Fortismere has been largely virtual until the students arrived in September. The first time I met many of them was over a zoom meeting or via one of our videos! Despite these challenges, students have adapted incredibly to their new surroundings. I am watching friendships form, new interests and hobbies develop and lots of happy, engaged young people enjoying being back in the classroom. 

Myself, Miss Turner and our tutors all work closely with our LINC department to ensure the correct support is in place for our students. This can range from SEN support, emotional regulation groups, anxiety workshops, behaviour mentors, reading support and counselling. If you have concerns that about your child please be sure to email your child's tutor in the first instance so that this can be addressed promptly. 

We have a wonderful team of Student Ambassadors that are meeting regularly to plan events, fund raise, represent student voice and promote student communications. An overwhelming number of students applied to be part of the team and I have no doubt they could run their own school eventually! 

We are always keen to praise students for their efforts and contributions to our school. This is done regularly by teachers who award positive points, these can be checked on your cloud school account. We also send tutor and HOY positive postcards home and host celebration assemblies at the end of each term. As well as good behaviour and effort we also reward good attendance and punctuality, academic progress and significant improvements. 

I aim to build strong, positive relationships with all students and parents over the next few years. I know that Ms Turner and our tutor team share this aspiration and will work hard to create a happy, vibrant and thriving cohort of students who are proud to be part of Fortismere.