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year 10

I have been a member of staff at Fortismere since January 2002 and in that time I have seen so many students progress through the school and have their lives transformed in so many positive ways because I firmly believe that Fortismere is a fantastic school supported by a vibrant and welcoming community. I have been a Head of Department, a Head of Faculty, Head of Olympia College and am now Head of Year 10.  Year 10 is in some ways, a totally new beginning for students; it is a new Key Stage and for some students, a chance to learn completely new subjects. There are opportunities to make new friends in option subjects and there are still so many extra curricular activities that Key Stage 4 students can take part in. The team of year 10 tutors and myself are really committed to working  with the students and parents to support this transition into KS4 and to support students as they study  for formal exams.  I look forward to helping our year 10 students succeed over the next two years and to plan for their future beyond their GCSE’s.