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year 10

I am Ms A Williams, and I am proud to be the Head of Year 10.  I teach in the Art department and in the Design and Technology department. 

Mr D Ward is our Deputy Head of Year (Head of Keats College) and is a Design and Technology Teacher.  Mr Ward will be supporting me in all areas of leading Yr10 and specifically focusing on attendance and punctuality.  In addition to myself and my Deputy, we have an excellent team of tutors who are Mr McKay (10RM), Ms John and Ms Huang (10JJ), Mr Hawkes (10MH), Mr McRill (10TM), Ms Hall (10AH), Ms DeFreitas and Mr Saleem (10ND), Mr Allen (10TA), Mr Cox (10SC), Ms Jones (10EJ) and Mr Liggett (10DL).  The tutors are supported by Ms Lane.

Year 10 is an exciting year.  The students are starting their GCSE and BTEC courses and are gaining knowledge and skills in the subjects they find most fascinating and enjoyable.  The Yr10 students are mature and conscientious, and I know that they will make a consistent effort throughout Yr10 and Yr11, and this will ensure that they achieve the grades they are capable of.

After the lockdowns in Yr8 and Yr9, I am so pleased to see the students back in school engaging with their lessons and all the exciting extra-curricular activities on offer.   They have shown great resilience and continue to set an excellent example to younger students.