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Year 8

My name is Ms Cuenca and I am Head of Year 8.  I have been teaching languages at Fortismere for the past thirteen years.  During that time, I have had several different roles including Head of Department, Head of College and Head of Year.

As the Head of Year 8, I am supported by a great team – Ms Garnett as Deputy Head of Year and our fantastic tutors: Ms Gelagotellis (8TG/X1), Mr Bandodkar (8PB/X2), Ms Arrowsmith (8JA/X3), Ms Temple (8ET/X4), Mr Cohen (8SC/X5), Ms Doogan & Ms Wang (8LD/Y1), Ms Chapple (8RC/Y2), Mr Kay (8GK/Y4), Mr Bagherzadeh (8MB/Y4) and Ms Dabrowska & Mr Cristiano 8JD/Y5). 

Year 8 is always an exciting year for our students.  They have completed that all important first year at secondary school and are now a settled and established year group ready for new challenges.  Last year, this year group showed how committed they were by helping at events around school and showing kindness to each other – we were all very proud of them.  Year 8 will be encouraged to develop a strong sense of charity and community spirit and will take part in activities that support this. 

Excellent behaviour is really important and the Year 8 team look forward to seeing all Year 8 students applying the Fortismere Four around the school at all times and seeing them acting as positive role models for the new Year 7s.

I’m looking forward to a great year with Year 8 and I’m sure there will be lots for us to celebrate.  If you want to contact me please email