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Year 8

Hello, I am Ms Cuenca and it is a pleasure to be Head of Year 8.  I work together with Ms Hargreaves who is our Deputy Head of Year and Head of Franklin College. 

There are ten Form Tutors who are taking care of our Year 8 students. These include Mr Hearty (8PH), Mr Jefferies (8EJ), Ms Bhambra (8VB), Ms Gill (8TG), Ms Valdés and Mr Li (8NV), Mr Woolley (8RW), Ms Coles (8CC), Ms Fox and Mr Allen (8KF), Mr Ward (8DW) and Ms Mangan (8KM).

Together we make up a pastoral team for Year 8 which works to promote and support high levels of attainment, aspirations and attendance as well as to promote positive behaviour throughout the Year Group.

A new start

I would like to welcome all of our Year 8 students back to Fortismere, you have been missed! Year 7 is an exciting but challenging year and unfortunately it was cut short for all of you! Year 8 is a fresher year, new teachers and new classes and I look forward to seeing you all make the most of this. As the year goes on there will be a range of opportunities on offer to you both in and out of school which promise to make this a memorable year for all.


This is key to your success this year and your tutors together with Ms Hargreaves  and I will be monitoring your attendance to ensure that you can achieve your full potential this year. Following the tradition from previous years, we will have an attendance celebration breakfast for the tutor group which has won the attendance focus for that half term in form time.


Year 7 was a short year for you all to celebrate your achievements and this will carry on this year. We will not only celebrate academic achievement and progress across the year but we will also have celebration assemblies to reward those students who go the extra mile. I was impressed with the amounts of Positive points awarded last year and I have no doubt you will impress me again this year. We will be focusing on different areas over the weeks for you to collect as many positive points as possible. Students will be rewarded with postcards home from their tutors or Head of Year and others will be rewarded at the end of half term with prizes.And of course, our favourite… celebration breakfast for the tutor group with the most balanced points!