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The Governing Board

The governing board at Fortismere consists of thirteen members appointed in accordance with the school's instrument of government.

How governors are appointed or elected to the Board

The governing board is made up of different types of governors. Parent governors are elected by other parents at the school and the Staff governor is elected by staff employed by the school. Partnership governors and Co-opted governors are appointed by the governing board on the basis of their skills and experience. The Local Authority governor is nominated by the LA and appointed by the governing board.  The CoHeadteachers are also automatically members of the governing board.

The governing board may also agree to appoint Associate members to draw on their specific skills and experience in particular areas. Associate members can be appointed for a term of office between one-year to four-years.  

Governors serve a four-year term of office. The Chair and Vice-chair of governors are elected to those positions for a four-year period of office.  Committee chairs are elected on an annual basis.  The governing board is supported by a Clerk to governors.

The role of the governing body

Governors have a strategic leadership role that includes:

  • Setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Co-Headteachers to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school to make sure its money is well spent. 

See the National Governors’ Association website for more information on the role of school governors in general.

All Fortismere governors have agreed to follow a Code of Conduct.  

Membership of the governing board



Term ends

Specific roles

Mark Chapman

Local Authority governor

2 May 2025


Chair of Governors

Safeguarding governor


Tessa Hauswedell

Parent governor

24 April 2026


Antonia Shortall

Parent governor

24 April 2026


Reem Al Rasheed Parent governor 31 Aug 2025  
Rachel Howarth Parent governor 31 Aug 2025  

Lorraine Hudson

Staff governor

6 Nov 2026


Helen Da Silva

Ian Macaulay

Partnership governor

Partnership governor

27 Jan 2026

24 April 2026


Vice-chair of governors

Anne Canning 

Co-opted governor

16 Oct 2026


Jo Davey & Zoe Judge


Ex officio


The Clerk to the governing board is Sam Murray.  Any communications to governors or any questions about governance should be addressed to the Clerk in the first instance.  Contact the Clerk on


The governing board have appointed the following Associate members: Ariella Levine, Michael Edwards

Register of business and pecuniary interests

Governors are required to declare and publish details of any relevant business and pecuniary interests that could impact on their ability to act impartially in their dealings with the school.


Nature of business

Nature of interest

Reem Al-Rasheed Nil  
Anne Canning Nil  

Mark Chapman



Helen Da Silva



Jo Davey



Tessa Hauswedell Nil  
Rachel Howarth Nil  

Lorraine Hudson



Zoe Judge Nil  
Ian Macaulay Nil  
Antonia Shortall Nil  

To contact the Clerk to the Governors, please email: