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Sociology curriculum


Sociology is a course that will challenge anyone to think critically, and engage with the society around them in a way that they may not be used to doing. It is a subject that allows students to gain a greater understanding of the complex yet simple nature of humans and their societies. Society as a whole is in a constant state of flux. However, every society has its own norms and values, agencies of socialisation, social structures and subcultures.  Within any society, there are always aspects of conflict and consensus within and between these integral components.  Just think about the endless public debate there is on issues such as gang violence, ‘binge-drinking’ teenagers, boys’ underachievement in school, the effects of single-parenthood and births outside of marriage, questions of racial and sexual equality, issues of identity, the effect of globalisation on individuals and communities, the impact of new education policies and so many more. They are the subject of countless views and opinions, and through a study of Sociology, a student will be able to position themselves on the broad spectrum of these substantive discussions.    Students will learn about the core sociological theories of Functionalism, Feminism and Marxism and The New Right and students will be expected to learn about and evaluate the methods in which sociologists have conducted their research.  Sociology at KS4 and KS5 studies and evaluates the role that the family and education have on the individual, and it also looks at the organisation of society in terms of power and status and explores the explanations and responses to crime and deviance. At KS5, students also learn about beliefs and they will study theory and methods in more depth.  The central focus of study for Sociology is on UK society today, with consideration given to dimensions within a globalised context.




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Ms J Arrowsmith Head of Department (Sociology, Psychology and Health and Social Care)
Ms K Sullivan Sociology Teacher and Deputy Head
Ms J Duggan Sociology and Psychology Teacher