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Why study Sociology?

Sociology, is the study of societal organisation and individual life experiences, it goes beyond a simple examination of society; it delves into pressing questions that remain challenging and exciting. From redefining punishment through the sociology of deviance to questioning the pervasive fixation on celebrity culture and its profound connections to the class system, sociology prompts critical inquiry into various aspects of human existence.
Beyond the borders of Britain, sociology addresses global issues like the environment, migration, and globalisation, exploring the repercussions of social changes on individuals worldwide. It poses fundamental queries about identity, citizenship, and the influence of factors such as gender, religion, and ethnicity on life opportunities.
Studying sociology involves honing valuable skills, including independent work, information retrieval, teamwork, and research methods. Students who study sociology will be equipped to navigate diverse career paths, employing research tools from large social surveys to in-depth interviews and media text analysis. The interdisciplinary nature of sociology makes it highly relevant to an array of professions, reflecting its enduring importance over more than a century.
This demanding course aims to develop valuable academic and social skills. It is highly valued and prepares students for a variety of courses in Higher Education which include Medicine, Law, Politics, Criminology, Social Policy planning and Journalism to name but a few.
Our exam board at A Level is AQA
Each Sociology paper is 2 hours long and each paper is worth 80 marks
Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods (compulsory content)
  • Education: short answer and extended writing, 50 marks
  • Methods in Context: extended writing, 20 marks
  • Theory and Methods: extended writing, 10 marks
Paper 2: Topics in Sociology
  • Section A: Families (40 marks) 
  • Section B: Beliefs (40 marks) 
Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods (compulsory content)
  • Crime and Deviance: short answer and extended writing, 50 marks
  • Theory and Methods: extended writing, 30 marks

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