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In Fortismere’s PE Department we champion and celebrate the achievements and success of all our pupils. We created the monthly sportsman and sportswoman award to recognise the achievements of pupils who are committed to sporting excellence both in the classroom and through our extra-curricular activities programme.

Each recipient of the sportsman and sportswoman awards is diligent, completes their assignments on time, shows enthusiasm to learn about physical education, demonstrates excellent behaviour inside and is respectful to their peers and to staff.

October 2021 Sports Students of the Month:

Priscilla Grace Ainal: Priscilla-Grace has made a fantastic start to school sport at Fortismere. She always remembers her full PE kit as well as always being an enthusiastic and supportive teammate in lessons. Priscilla-Grace is also a regular attendee of the extra-curricular netball club, which is great to see. Keep up the good work!

O’Neil Baar: O'Neil is a very accomplished sportsman. He has great coordination and agility and has very good spatial awareness, meaning he can read a game situation very well and make very good decisions in team sports like football and basketball. His level of effort and determination are always outstanding, and he is a great team player, improving the abilities of others as well as his own. Most recently he has really impressed in the Haringey 5 aside football tournament. Well done O'Neil!

Ivy Grey: Ivy has a contagious enthusiasm for all she does and this especially applies to her Sport and PE. She fully commits to every lesson and attends many extra-curricular sessions. She finished as our second scorer in a wonderful performance at both the Haringey Cross Country and the ESAA schools Cross-Country Cup.  A wonderful month capped off by this well deserved recognition. Well Done Ivy. 

Trizano Wilson: Triz has had an amazing few weeks. He won the Haringey Cross Country, got signed by Spurs, won the ESAA Cross Country, competed for Haringey in the mini marathon and has been a main player in their (thus far) unbeaten football season by the Y8 team reaching the 3rd round of The National Cup in the process. Although extremely talented Triz is a real team player and the way he is admired by his peers and fellow team-mates speaks volumes for him as a personality. Always willing to involve and encourage others. A real star and a much deserved reward. 

Anna Shetty: Anna is an excellent sports woman who always puts in 100% to lessons and extra- curricular sport. She is passionate and determined and has a positive influence on all of those around her. Well done Anna!

Joseph Davies:Joseph has totally turned his PE around this year, really expressing enthusiasm and joy in his lessons. He has committed fully to the spirit of our new curriculum and is absolutely thriving as a sports leader. His kit, attitude and commitment to improve has been second to none. Well Done Joseph - we are so proud of you!