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Religious Studies (KS4)

We believe that Religious Studies gives pupils a vital chance to explore the deepest and most exacting mysteries concerning the purpose and meaning of life as self-conscious beings. We take a critical realist approach and tackle the most difficult questions about religion head on; where does the truth lie and the significance of belief. It is partly due to this non-doctrinal teaching philosophy that pupils increasingly seek to study the subject to the highest levels. The department recognises the diversity of religious belief, in the community and the school, and seeks to treat each belief system on an equal basis creating an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect among pupils.

Our approach to learning centres on engaging pupils with lessons that are rich in resources and insights which are delivered by dedicated teachers committed to the standard of excellence. We promote rigorous academic learning, fun in lessons and controversial contemporary ethical debate. At Key stage 3, Religious Studies is delivered within the Wellbeing curriculum and alongside covering the Wellbeing themes, many examples and case studies will be taken from religious traditions.

RS GCSE (from September 2016)

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Contact the RS Department

Aldridge, Mr S Head of Philosophy, Religion & Ethics
Arrowsmith, Ms J RS Teacher (KS4)