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Psychology CURRICULUM 2021-2022


The dept wishes to give students a broad understanding of the wider social and moral contexts of the subjects covered within Social Science.

Streamlining of the curriculum, necessitated by covid disruption, went well in 2020-21 and translated into strong assessment performance . Some streamlining will continue this year 13 as they are still feeling the effects of previous disruption. The department has sought to pay particular focus on cross curricular links which enable students to reduce the number of evaluative points they rote learn and instead see the holistic nature of the subjects within social science. This provides both a deeper understanding of areas of debate within the subject and minimises students perceiving examinations as purely a test of their ability to memorise content.



Contact the Psychology Department

Mr O Corke Head of Social Sciences

Ms P Greany

Sociology and Psychology Teacher

Ms K Sullivan Deputy Head and Sociology Teacher
Ms J John Sociology and Psychology Teacher
Ms S Hargreaves Sociology and Psychology Teacher