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The A Level Psychology course looks at the historical development of the subject and why and when it became a science.  It also covers topics which are more scientific in content, such as biopsychology and research methods to topics which seek to respond to philosophical questions such as how far humans have free will and what the difference is between the mind and the brain. Underpinning all aspects of psychology are the different approaches that psychologists adopt when they undertake their research and the research methods that they use to test their hypotheses.  Year 12 always begins with psychology in context (approaches and research methods) and as the key stage progresses, all students learn about the topics of psychopathology, memory, social influence, biopsychology, attachment, aggression and schizophrenia. To support the advanced skills of synoptic understanding and evaluation, students will learn about the issues and debates that are at the centre of this fascinating subject throughout the whole key stage and they also have the opportunity to discuss these when they learn its content as a discrete topic in Year 13. 


In Year 12, students visit the Freud Museum and The Wellcome Collection to support their studies.
Students are encouraged to listen to a variety of podcasts, books and films that will all help them to explore this subject from a range of perspectives.

Contact the Psychology Department

Ms J Arrowsmith Head of Department (Sociology, Psychology and Health and Social Care)

Ms P Greany

Psychology Teacher

Ms J Duggan Psychology and Sociology Teacher