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Product Design

Course Aims

This specification is designed to encourage candidates to:

  • Develop a broad view of design and technology
  • Develop their capacity to design and make products
  • Appreciate the complex relations between design, materials, manufacture and marketing

Course Content: AS Level

At AS level candidates develop an understanding of a broad range of materials, with emphasis on the life cycle of products, manufacture and final disposal. This specification also considers the broader issues for the designer including the environmental sustainability of products and consumer safety.

Unit 1

  • Materials, Components and Application
  • 2 hour written paper based primarily on Materials and Components (Weighting: 50% AS / 25% A2)

Unit 2

  • Learning through Designing and Making Coursework
  • Approx. 50 hrs.
  • Written (or electronic) design portfolio
  • Manufactured outcome(s)
  • Coursework may take a number of forms; a single design-and-make project, two smaller projects and/or a portfolio of work (Weighting: 50% AS / 25% A2) 50% of total marks awarded

A2 Level

At A2, the specification offers candidates the opportunity to further develop the knowledge and practical skills from AS. Candidates will continue to develop a body of coursework alongside an understanding of the processes and procedures of commercial production and manufacture.

Unit 3

  • Design and Manufacture
  • 2 hour written paper. This paper is based primarily on Design and Manufacture (Weighting: 25% A Level)

Unit 4

  • Design and Making Practice Coursework
  • Approx. 60 hrs.
  • Written (or electronic) design folder
  • Manufactured outcome
  • Candidates submit evidence of a single, substantial designing and making activity (Weighting: 25% A Level) 50% of total marks awarded