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Philosophy at Fortismere is a popular subject. It is studied at AS and A Level and follows the AQA syllabus. 

Since its inclusion in the sixth form its take-up has grown, as has its success as an examination subject. The department is well resourced and has results that are impressive. Students have gone on to study the subject at the highest level at top Universities, one, at writing, is reading for his PhD and has offered to give a talk to the current year 12s studying the subject.

Many have found a study of the subject a useful intellectual support for their other AS/A Level subjects.

The A Level course has recently been modified and AQA is the only exam board to offer Philosophy as an A Level option.  The course gives students a thorough grounding in how some of Philosophy's basic questions have been answered by some of the great minds that have addressed those questions. Questions like, what is of value in life? What can be known and how it can be known? Are there moral truths, or merely moral feelings? Are mind and body separate substances? If you have ever thought seriously about questions of this kind, you have already tasted philosophy. Progress in answering these questions requires clear and rigorous thinking, sensitivity to conceptual distinctions, imagination, understanding, often a sense of humour, always a sense of wonder, a delight in discussions and listening and crucially the ability to think for yourself.