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Petra College is all about the Ps!

Our colour is purple.   

Our ethos is Positivity and Persistence


Petra students are encouraged to have a ‘can do’ approach.

‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t. You’re right (Henry Ford)

In Petra College we push ourselves to break negative thought patterns. We try fresh approaches to old problems. We welcome new challenges and approach them with a positive frame of mind. We acknowledge that it’s hard to be positive about everything but we give it a go anyway.


In Petra we realise that we will not fully achieve our potential unless we have persistence and practice often

‘’Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.’

We put our full effort into any task – big or small. We do not shy away from hard work. We set ourselves challenging targets then push ourselves to achieve them.

About our College


Our College Charity is The Rainbow Trust – chosen by the students themselves.  It supports the families of terminally ill children. We have raised money through various projects including a successful jewellery sale this summer.


We are lucky to have a very talented team of Year 13 student leaders. They work with budding Petra journalists to produce our termly newsletter – The Petra Post. 


Tutor groups take it in turns to do an assembly. This encourages teamwork to produce the assembly and builds confidence in public speaking when presenting it.

Intercollege competitions

Petra students are always keen to take part in these - we have done very well in the competitions so far.   And one day we may even beat Olympia!!! 

Blanche Nevile

We are very lucky to be the college with the closest association with our partner school on the site – Blanche Nevile. 


Our College Ambassador team are proud to represent the College in many ways.

I am very proud to be Head of such a talented group of students. I am continually amazed by the achievements I see and hear about. Our students all have so much to offer both in school and out of it.  They are helped to be their best by a very caring and hardworking team of tutors and co-tutors.

Head of Petra: Ms Geneen Paul