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Pastoral Care is firmly embedded in the aims, values and beliefs at Fortismere.  Pastoral care has an educational purpose in itself and strong provision transforms lives.  It is not simply a way of supporting academic learning.   
Fortismere’s pastoral system aims to actively promote, nurture and support the development of all students’ talents and abilities. It also aims to support students in developing their ambitions in a safe and inclusive environment. The system is both Year group based and House based. Year groups are led by a Head of Year and a Pastoral Support Manager. Heads of House lead ‘Houses’ that are vertically organised and therefore encompass students across all year groups. Each House provides students with opportunities to be actively involved in charitable work, sporting events, student leadership and the promotion of our school’s ethos and values.
Strong tutor teams provide a high level of pastoral care within each year group, working relentlessly to ensure that students perform to the best of their abilities, are safe and develop into well rounded and caring members of our school community and society at large. The pastoral system equally values all of our students, promoting diversity and equality and creating a fair and just school community that promotes positive attitudes, kindness, social inclusion, community cohesion and challenges and acts upon all forms of discrimination and inequality, including bullying and discrimination.