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Parents' Evenings 2020-21

Prior to Parents' Evenings, you will receive a message inviting you to book appointments on the relevant date.

Due to the current restrictions Parents' Evening will be taking place virtually, either by online meeting or phonecall.  More information regarding each parents' eve will be sent home well in advance of the date. 

These are the planned dates for forthcoming Parents' Evenings:

Year 7 4th November 2020
Year 8 (TBC) June 2021
Year 9 13th January 2021
Year 10 24th March 2021
Year 11 2nd December 2020
Year 12 3rd March 2021
Year 13

10th February 2021

We use an online system for booking appointments for parents/carers evenings. 

You will need to enter your details before logging in, using the on screen instructions. The log in details are case sensitive and there may be variations that should be tried as the website is generated from details held on the school’s database system, i.e. if you are known as ‘Mrs’ try ‘Ms’ or ‘Miss’. The date of birth should be entered using the drop down boxes.

Once logged in, you will find a list of departments, click in the department and the names of the teachers and subject will appear in the boxes below. Click the teacher you would like to make an appointment with and then click in the time box to make the booking. When you have booked a slot, this time then becomes unavailable for any other appointment. To cancel a booking, click in the highlighted box which will give you the option to cancel the booking.

The system will generate an appointment list for you which you can receive as an email or simply print.

For more detailed instructions, please see the PowerPoint

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the school with the times that you are available and we will generate a list of appointments for you.

Please contact the school on 020 8829 4301 if you have any problems or email