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Personal, Social, Heath and Economic Education (PSHE)

PSHE is taught to all students in years 7-11. Our curriculum follows the government guidance on the subject, and it includes the statutory requirements for teaching Relationships and Sex Eduction (RSE).

Parents of students 16 and under have the right to withdraw their child from lessons which focus on RSE. Please read the information below to see what is covered in these lessons, and contact us if you wish to discuss this.

We cover the same three topics every year, building on previous knowledge and introducing new age-appropriate material. There is a link below to the full curriculum, along with links to government guidance and schools’ statutory obligations. 

Term 1 - Relationships

Students learn about the variety of human relationships, and how to maintain healthy relationships with others both online and in person. This incorporates Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), delivered in an age-appropriate way.

Term 2 - HealthStudents learn how to look after their own physical and mental health, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We consider the UK law on drugs and alcohol, and how to make sensible, informed lifestyle choices.


Term 3 - The Wider World

Students learn about finance, work, and their rights and responsibilities as a citizen. This includes careers advice, and practical information such as writing a CV and opening a bank account. We also consider the moral aspect of being a global citizen, and we look at British Values. 

Fortismere PSHE Curriculum - Attached Below

Fortismere RSE Policy - Attached Below

Government Guidance on the PSHE and RSE curriculum -

Government Guidance on RSE and Health Education