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Our School Day

Each day is divided into five one hour teaching periods. Weekly assemblies and daily tutor periods address a variety of social, cultural and organisational issues.

Supervised by staff, break and lunchtimes are for meeting with friends, having a meal and getting some fresh air. Students may use the library, play ball games on the playing field or our all-weather pitch or meet in the picnic areas. The canteens in both our north and south wing serve hot and cold food with vegetarian options. Senior Staff supervise students from 8.30am each day, before this time responsibility for students is with parents.

TIMINGS of the school day

Lesson 1

          8.35am     –    9:40am

Lesson 2

          9.40am     –    10.40am


        10.40am     –    11.00am

Lesson 3

        11.00am     –     12.00 midday

Lesson 4

        12.00 midday     –    1.00pm


        1.00pm     –    1.45pm

Tutor Time

          1.45pm     –    2.15pm

Lesson 5

          2.20pm     –    3.20pm


Interactive Map of School

Click here to see an interactive map of the school produced by one of our Year 13 students.