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Our School

Fortismere is a high achieving, dynamic, mixed foundation secondary school, and is highly regarded by the local Muswell Hill community that it serves. We have a strong focus on outstanding progress and attainment for all of our students, as well as cultural enrichment.  In our last Ofsted report we were rated as ‘outstanding’. Additionally, The Sunday Times newspaper rated our school as 12th out of the 20 best comprehensive schools in the country (27/11/16). Overall, we have moved up from 145th to 139th in the top 250 state secondary schools in the country ('The Sunday Times', 27/11/16).

Each year, more than 1500 students compete for a place at our sixth form, which has 450 places. There is an impressive range of subjects to study, including traditional A levels, and subjects like Further Mathematics and Economics. We also have an excellent further education programme, where students are mentored to apply for Oxbridge, Russell Group and Ivy League universities. In the last three years over 50 Fortismere students have taken up places at Oxbridge and medical school. 

Our examination results are outstanding but we are never complacent and each year we seek to raise attainment and ensure outstanding progress for every student from the time they join us to the time they leave. At GCSE, results over the last two years have been consistently above 85% in terms of students gaining five or more A* to C grades. Maths and English have been consistently high in the 80+% range. At A level, 65 to 72% of students' grades are A* to B grades.

 We believe that outstanding progress and attainment will be achieved by:

  • constantly challenging and raising aspirations;
  • insisting on the highest standards in terms of attendance, punctuality and behaviour;
  • providing the right support and teaching strategies;
  • and timely, well planned interventions.

We place great importance on traditional values in terms of courtesy towards and consideration for others, respect and acceptance of others’ differences. We are also passionate about teaching and learning and seek to instil the importance of each day as another opportunity to learn and develop; at Fortismere we intend to make the saying ‘carpe diem’ a reality!

The school vision

Fortismere will continue to be an outstanding, popular and successful school. It will win hearts and minds through adding value to its students and staff, playing a key role in its wider community and leading innovative practice that impacts nationally and internationally.  All staff from both, teaching and non- teaching teams will share this vision and be committed to contributing to a dynamic learning environment which results in significant and measurable year on year improvement in all key stages. Fortismere will have an active mind, a finger on the pulse and a big heart.