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Mobile Phone Code of conduct 2019

Fortismere School recognises that personal communication through mobile technologies is an accepted part of everyday life but that such technologies need to be used well. Personal safety is vital and it is the school’s responsibility to make sure that students feel safe so that they can engage in their learning and develop as responsible caring young adults.

As a result of on-going concerns over the misuse of smartphones and the negative impact that this misuse may have on the wellbeing of the members of our school community we do not longer permit KS3 and KS4 students to bring smartphones, i.e. internet enabled, camera phones to school.

Students are allowed to have a non-smart mobile phone with them in school, however, this must remain switched off and in their bags during school hours; this includes clubs and after school activities and trips. These mobiles must not be kept in students’ pockets. 

KS5 students are permitted to have smart phones but these should be used with discretion and, if used in class, with permission.

If a KS3 or 4 student is seen with, or uses a phone, this will be confiscated. A non-smartphone can be collected by a parent/carer/ nominated adult after school the following day. However, the school reserves the right to increase the period of confiscation if a student breaks this Code of Conduct repeatedly. If a student has a smartphone confiscated, parents/carers will be invited in for a meeting to discuss the consequence and the smart phone will then be returned. However, smartphones are not returned the following day they are kept until a mutually convenient time has been arranged for the meeting.

Fortismere School accepts no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones or devices if they are bought into school. The school accepts no responsibility for students who lose or have their mobile phones stolen while travelling to and from school. It is the responsibility of parents/ carers to ensure that students leave for school without a smartphone.

Parents/carers are reminded that in cases of emergency, the school office is the first point of contact and office staff can ensure your child is reached quickly and assisted in any relevant way. Passing on messages through school reception also reduces the likelihood of disrupting lessons inadvertently.  This also applies for clubs and activities that take place after school hours.