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Media Studies

Media studies explores key issues in the dynamic and fast-moving world of 21st Century mass media in the digital age. Students learn to engage critically with a variety of texts they encounter in their daily lives through different forms of media. At GCSE level the focus is on creative projects covering Print, Film and Television. At A-level students cover practical tasks, ranging from Health and Charity campaigns to creating a film trailer from storyboard to finished project. Film Studies A-level attracts both passionate film buffs and students who are keen to expand their knowledge of film analysis and the production side of the business. Studies range from French New Wave and Sixties British Cinema to research projects on Bergman and Roeg. The popular trip to New York each February Half-Term, broadens experience and includes a visit to the NBC television studios.


Film is regularly used as a resource in KS3 English lessons eg Action Heroes Unit in Year 7.


GCSE Media Studies AQA
Through the course students study various media platforms and create practical work applying concepts learned to their own productions. There is also an exam -topic to be set each year by the exam board. A mix of independent and group work make this an exciting course.

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We offer OCR Media Studies at AS and A2 and WJEC Film Studies at AS and A2. See the Sixth Form Information booklet for details on modules and topics for these exciting A Levels. 

Extra Curricular

  • Regular cinema trips on Wednesday afternoons to see new releases at Muswell Hill Odeon and The Phoenix
  • New York Trip- 40 students February Half-Term
  • Competitions

Contact the Media Studies Department

Mr P Hearty

Head of Media

Ms Z Judge English and Media Teacher
Mr B Kenny English and Media Teacher
Ms K Cunningham English and Media Teacher
Ms K Mangan English and Media Teacher