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Media Studies


An exciting course that covers a range of media texts and production work.

Course requirements: B grade in English or Media GCSE.

All AS and A level specifications in Media Studies are designed to encourage candidates to:

  • Enhance their enjoyment and appreciation of the media and its role in their daily lives
  • Develop critical understanding of the media through engagement with media products and concepts and through the creative application of production skills
  • Explore production processes, technologies and other relevant contexts
  • Become independent in research skills and their application in their production work and in developing their own views and interpretations.

AS Course

Unit 1: Exam

Media Representations and Responses:

Three compulsory questions, including one question on unseen audio-visual or print-based material. You will learn a framework for analysing the media and how to explore representations and audience/user responses. You will be encouraged to explore the media through a study of genre, narrative and representation and make connections between the texts and audience/user responses to them eg gender issues in teen films, how ethnicity is represented on TV, how a particular genre such as horror presents different social groups, etc.

Unit 2: Media Production Processes

Three components: one pre-production, one production which develops from thepre-production and one report on the production process, for example:

A storyboard of the trailer for a new BBC1 television crime drama (preproduction) and the trailer for that drama (production)

  • A script or shooting script for the opening sequence of a teen horror film (preproduction) and a marketing campaign for a new teen horror film, to include at least the dvd cover and one poster (production)
  • Draft designs for two magazine front covers (pre-production) and a double page spread for one of those magazines (production)
  • Prototype design for a new website (pre-production) and the completed website consisting of a home page and at least two associated web pages (production).

A2 Course

Unit 3:  Media Investigation & Production Coursework

Three components: a written investigation into media text(s) based on one or more of the key media concepts – genre, narrative and/or representation,  a media production and an evaluation of how the production is informed by the investigative research.

Examples of investigations include:

  • The representation of teenagers in two British films
  • The generic similarities between Dr Who and Stargate

Unit 4: Exam

Media Text, Industry and Audience

Three questions:

Section A: one question from a choice of two. Section B: two questions from a choice of four. Candidates must answer each question on a different media industry from this selection:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Film
  • Music
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Advertising
  • Computer Games