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Why study mathematics?

An A Level in mathematics is a valuable qualification that is always in demand in both the employment markets and universities. The ability to understand logical arguments and numerical information makes an A-Level mathematician sought after. Career opportunities range from financial and economic planning through management services, to scientific and industrial research, engineering and computing.

What will I study?


Pure Mathematics 1 - (C1)
Pure Mathematics 2 - (C2)
Pure Mathematics 3 - (C3)
Pure Mathematics 4 - (C4)
Further Mathematics 1 - (FP1)
Further Mathematics 2 - (FP2)

Mechanics 1 - (M1)
Mechanics 2 - (M2)
Mechanics 3 - (M3)
Statistics 1 - (S1)
Decision Mathematics - (D1)
Further Mathematics 3 - (FP3)

Modular combinations:

AS Level Mathematics in Year 12: C1 C2 S1
A2 Level Mathematics in Year 13: C3 C4 M1
AS Level Further Mathematics (including AS Mathematics): C1 C2 FP1 S1 M1 D1
A2 Level Further Mathematics (including A2 Mathematics): C3 C4 FP2 FP3 M2 M3

How will I study?

If you want to study mathematics for AS/A Level, you need to work hard, and be motivated and committed. Every lesson generates at least one hour of private study. You are advised to make full use of maths workshops that are available throughout your study at AS and A Level. Depending on your ability, you can also take Advanced Extension Award exams.