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Information for Students

Expectations of Fortismere 6th Form Students

At Fortismere Sixth Form, ALL members of the student community are expected to make and fulfil these commitments.

These are fundamental expectations of our sixth formers and any student who is unable to fulfil these commitments will jeopardise their place in Fortismere Sixth Form. Individual students may be placed on subject contract, referred to their Learning Manager or be called to meet with the Director of Sixth Form and/or the Headteacher.

Fortismere 6th Form Attendance Policy

We know that poor attendance and punctuality affects not only individual student’s grades but also the learning of the whole class; content missed may have to be repeated; group activities and presentations are disrupted. It also shows a lack of respect for, and a poor attitude towards, the teachers and the subjects being missed.

  • 98-100% Expected levels of attendance
  • 95%-97% Satisfactory
  • Below 95% but above 90% a cause for concern
  • Below 90% serious concern


Whilst we acknowledge that occasional absence may be necessary we expect that this will be verified by a parent/carer and that they will contact Mrs Patel, our Sixth Form Administrator by phone or email. Her contact details are:

0208 365 4453 or

Monitoring of attendance

All Fortismere Sixth Form students will be closely monitored by the school to ensure attendance does not become a hurdle to their academic success. Parents/ carers will receive a daily email to let them know if the student has missed lessons, or if they have been marked late to lessons. If students are becoming a cause for concern due to attendance the following will happen:

Stage 1

Letter will be sent home and tutors will meet with the student

Stage 2

If no improvement is seen the student will meet with their Learning Manager and may be placed on an attendance report. They will also be required to attend the Private Study room in their non-contact periods. This will be monitored by our Academic Coach who is based in this room. If we see an improvement in attendance then the students will be allowed to stop attending private study in their non-contact periods.

Stage 3

Students who have still not improved after the previous two stages will attend an attendance panel with their parents/carers. If attendance has consistently been below 95% the student may be required to stay on an attendance report and report to the Director of Sixth Form daily. Where it has been consistently below 90% students may be asked to leave the school. At this stage we will ensure the student has a careers appointment and is given advice about how to either access the workplace or look at other courses available at other educational establishments.