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The study of the past is essential in enabling young people to make sense of their own identity and the world around them today.  Through the study of History at Fortismere, students develop an understanding of and respect for the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, and the diversity of experience and views within societies throughout time, both in Britain and the wider world.  Furthermore, we equip young people with the powerful knowledge they need to understand and take an active part in society.  Finally, our programme of study exposes students to the contributions of ordinary and extraordinary people in exciting times. We aim to foster curiosity in our students and help to inspire in them a life-long love of learning, which allows them to continue to develop long after they’ve left school.

The study of historical knowledge at Fortismere is underpinned by the development of key skills which will support students to be successful both academically and in their lives in the modern world.  In studying History, students learn how to use and analyse evidence.  We support students to develop their ability to think critically, understand differing perspective and evaluate arguments with skill and confidence.  We also teach students to communicate clearly, formulating their own arguments, presenting them persuasively, and supporting them with evidence.  Our passionate team of history specialists take pride in teaching exciting lessons that support and challenge students, enabling them to achieve highly.

At Fortismere, the study of History in the classroom is further complemented by extra-curricular opportunities which make the most of the opportunities in our local community and the wider world.  Students are provided the opportunity to see how the world today is a consequence of past decisions and the continued relevance of History through seminars, lectures, projects and local and international school visits.


History KS4 Curriculum Map

At GCSE, students study the Edexcel specification.

For more information on the History GCSE please see the Options Booklet.


History KS5 Curriculum Map

History A-level students study the AQA History specification. 

For course information and entry requirements please see the History Sixth Form page.

Politics KS5 Curriculum Map

Politics A-level students study the EdExcel  Politics specification.

For course information and entry requirements please see the  Politics Sixth Form page.


At KS3 we have a History Club run by students and a Historical Association Young Quills Club focusing on the reading and reviewing of new historical fiction has been launched. We also have a castle building competition every year for Year 7 students. 

At KS5, students are taken annually to academic lectures in London on Russian history (Year 12) and Tudor history (Year 13).  

The History department further makes extensive use of Google Classrooms and display boards within the department to direct students to appropriate independent extracurricular opportunities, such as related works, historical fiction or museum exhibits in London.


Contact the History Department

Mr L Higgins

Head of History and Politics

Ms A Garnett

History Teacher

Ms N De Freitas

History Teacher

Mr D Riddell

Politics Co-ordinator and History Teacher

Ms J Davey

History and Politics Teacher

Mr D Stewart

History Teacher