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Why study History?

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History is a subject which develops the main thinking skills (reasoning and evaluation; thinking creatively; enquiry and information processing). Because of this, it’s really useful - these skills help you make real progress in your other subjects. Employers and other educational institutions (colleges and universities) are impressed with history qualifications, too, because they know that someone with a History A2 (or AS) will be able to think carefully but quickly about a range of issues, as well as being able to support what they say effectively and working efficiently and independently.

But History’s not just a valuable subject because of the skills you gain, but also because of the topics you study. At Fortismere, we study a range of different time periods and countries, which are interesting in themselves, but also help you see the world in which you live with a much wider view. This means that you can understand some of the issues in our current society in more depth (e.g. religious and political terrorism, or human rights), as well as helping you to become a more tolerant and interesting person.

History at Fortismere is challenging, partly because the staff who will teach you have such high expectations of you and themselves. We support students who wish to apply for History at university, offering mock interviews for students who are likely to face them, as well as extra UCAS guidance.

What will I study?

AS Units

  • Absolutist States: The reign of Louis XIV, 1661-1715
  • 1 hour and 15 minute written exam.  50% of AS final mark
  • The reign of Peter the Great of Russia, 1682-1725
  • 1 hour 30 minute written exam.  50% of AS final mark

A2 Units

The Triumph of Elizabeth? 1547 - 1603 1 hour and 30 minute written exam. 25% of A2 final mark

Black American Civil Rights, 1865 - present day. Examined by a personal investigation coursework. 25% of A2 final mark.

How will I study?

The lessons will be taught by subject specialists and will be a mixture of teacher-led activity, reading and discussion work as well as student presentations/seminars. Students who take responsibility for their own learning do better than those who expect to be spoon-fed - we’ll help you, but not do the work all for you! You will have the opportunity to attend a number of conferences on specific topics.