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Fortismere's Governing Board works together with the school leadership team to deliver our vision of a world class school at the heart of the local community. We aim to transform the lives of all our students by encouraging and challenging everyone at Fortismere to achieve their full potential.

Governors are volunteers, collectively accountable to the local community, staff, parents/carers and students, for deciding what we want Fortismere to achieve and for determining the strategic plan for getting there. We then both support and challenge school leaders as they pursue those aims.  On a practical level, Governors know the school well and monitor progress closely. We set the budget, policies and priorities which support our objectives, and which are consistent with the ethos of the school.

Communicating with The Governing Board

We welcome your comments, concerns and ideas on our strategy for achieving the school's vision and encourage you to contact us either by post or email to We will endeavour to respond to any correspondence within 15 school days of receipt. There are also opportunities to meet Governors face to face at School and Governor Surgery events. 

Please note however that Governors are not responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. That is the Co-Headteachers' responsibility, supported by their staff team. If your concerns are about how the school is run, please contact the Co-Headteachers or relevant member of the Senior Leadership Team. Governors can only become directly involved through our formal complaint policy, once all other options have been exhausted.

On behalf of the Governing Board, we look forward to working with you to help Fortismere achieve its goals.

Mark Chapman, Chair of Governors