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Geography overview 2019


Studying with the highly successful Geography team at Fortismere, students are motivated and engaged to investigate geographical issues from a local to a global scale. Students are facilitated to assess the world's major global issues as well as learning about key processes and characteristics of the physical, social and economic environment.  Students enjoy the variety of studying through a range of experiences such as: thought provoking discussion; enquiry based learning; independent research; role play; field work; ICT; and media facilities.

Success in the Department has led to an increase in the number of students opting to take Geography at GCSE and A level, with growing numbers choosing to study it at University.  Popular field trips bring reality and enrichment to the course.

With an ever changing world and the increasing significance of the 'global village' Geography plays a very strong part in the academic and social development of students here at Fortismere.


In Year 7 students study Global Issues including:  Population, Weather and Climate, Geographic Enquiry, Water and Landscape.

In Year 8 students study Environmental Issues, Urbanisation, Coasts and Flooding and China country study.

In Year 9 students study GCSE topics including: Changing Climate, Development Dynamics, Hazardous Earth and India: a country study.

For more detailed information about the curriculum at Key Stage 3 in this subject click here:


Students follow the EDEXCEL B Geography syllabus.

Global topics include:  Development Dynamics, Challenges  of an Urbanising World, Hazardous Earth, Biosphere and People, Forests under Threat and Consuming Energy Resources.

UK topics include: The UK’s Evolving Physical and Human Landscapes. Rivers,  Coasts, Urban and Rural change.

Fieldwork investigations focusing on UK Coastal and Urban issues.


Students follow the Edexcel Specification. The A Level Course includes the following units:

Topic 1:   Tectonic Processes and Hazards                 Topic 2:   Glaciated Landscapes and Change

Topic 3:   Globalisation                                                   Topic 4:    Diverse Places

Topic 5:   Water Cycle and Water insecurity              Topic 6:    The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

Topic 7:   Superpowers                                                       Coursework: Independent Investigation 

Residential fieldwork is an important part of the A Level Geography Course.


As well as the field trips mentioned above the Department is always looking at ways to further the geographical enrichment of students. Opportunities for students to listen to outside speakers and get involved in International and Sustainability groups are frequent.


"Go to nature, look and see for yourself"
- Loius Agassiz, founder of glacial theory

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