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The full governing board works collectively as a single team, meeting twice per term (6 times per year).  Much of the work is carried out in the full governing board meetings, but some responsibilities are delegated to a formal committee including Admissions, Pay and Co-Headteachers’ Performance Review.  Governor panels are convened as needed for complaints, exclusions and any formal staffing matters. The Governing Board may also establish short-term working groups if greater depth or more input is needed on any specific issues. 


All Fortismere governors have ‘link’ monitoring responsibilities.  Governors are linked to a key strategic area and paired with a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  Governors make link monitoring visits to gain an understanding of the scope of their area of responsibility and to monitor progress against school improvement priorities or statutory obligations.  This approach enables governors to develop a deeper understanding and experience of their link area and to share this with the full governing board.

Link area Governor(s) SLT member(s)
Safeguarding Mark Chapman Kirsten Sullivan
SEND & Inclusion Rachel Howarth, Mark Chapman Nofer Fari & Emily Brooks
Finance  Reem Al Rasheed, Antonia Shortall, Mark Chapman Louise Prodromou
Premises, Health & Safety Reem Al Rasheed, Antonia Shortall, Mark Chapman Louise Prodromou
HR & Staffing Reem Al Rasheed, Antonia Shortall, Mark Chapman Louise Prrodromou & Kirsten Sullivan
Standards & Curriculum Ian Macaulay, Anne Canning Stewart Hesse, Darrel Barsby & Florence Herrero
ICT Strategy Mark Chapman Co-Headteachers
Behaviour & Alternative Provision Mark Chapman, Helen DaSilva Kirsten Sullivan & Karen Allaway
Sixth form, Careers & Destinations  Rachel Howarth, Tessa Hauswedell David Robson & Darrel Barsby
 Student, Parent & Staff Voice & School Communications  Mark Chapman, Rachel Howarth Co-Headteachers

Admissions Committee

Mark Chapman (Chair), Zoe Judge & Jo Davey, Anne Canning, Kirsten Sullivan

As a foundation school, the governing board is the admission authority for the school and through the work of the committee is responsible for:

  • Formulating the school’s admission arrangements for approval by the full GB
  • Making recommendations to the GB in respect of matters relating to school admissions
  • Making decisions on the admission of students in accordance with the school's arrangements
  • Carrying out any statutory consultations in relation to the school's admission arrangements
  • Monitoring arrangements for independent admission appeals