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Fortismere Parent Remote learning Agreement

This agreement outlines the conditions which will apply when Fortismere School provides online remote learning.  This should be read alongside the safeguarding and behaviour policy.

 This document outlines the parameters to which all students are expected to adhere, in order to engage safely in online sessions. Students are expected to read and discuss this agreement with you, and then adhere to its terms. Any concerns or queries can be emailed to

To facilitate the high quality remote learning that we offer parents should support pupils by:

  • where possible providing students with the means to access the lessons using a web enabled device (PC, Laptop, iPad etc)*
  • where possible providing children with a workspace that is quiet, safe and free from distractions with an adult nearby if necessary.  Also ensuring that the workspace has a plain background for cameras if required.
  • ensuring your child is dressed appropriately
  • Helping them to follow their normal school timetable of lessons, including taking breaks
  • ensuring that face-to-face communication is only between teachers and students, any parent to teacher communication should be in the usual manner via email between 08:30-15:30.
  • In the event of an IT issue arising, please email; a member of the IT Services Team will be in touch to help pupils continue their learning remotely.
  • Helping ensure that your child only attends the online lessons to which they are invited by their teacher through Google Classroom (Children must also not share the lesson hyperlink with anyone).
  • having a discussion with your child  about appropriate behaviour in a remote lesson for example treating other pupils with respect and waiting to be invited to speak so that the same standards are maintained remotely as would be in a real classroom.
  • we ask that parents are not present or involved in the online learning to support pupil engagement and independence and to maintain a ‘normal’ classroom environment for all parties.

Students  may not record or screen-grab/photograph, share, or comment on public forums in regard to any interactive learning provided by Fortismere or in regard to any individual teachers.  We trust that all pupils will make the most of this opportunity to explore a new way of learning. Rewards systems continue as usual. Any form of cyberbullying, directed at any member of the community, including staff, will still be taken very seriously by the school.

Finally, please be aware that, as part of this agreement, parents may also not record, screen-grab or photograph, share, or comment on public forums in regard to any interactive learning provided by Fortismere or in regard to any individual teachers.

By allowing your child to log on, you are accepting this agreement and acknowledge that you have shared this document and discussed it with your child. It is vital that your child agrees to follow the rules.

We thank you for your ongoing support.