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Film Studies

Why study Film Studies?

The AS and A Level in Film Studies is designed to deepen students’ understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of film, the major art form of the 20th century and a cultural form of great significance. Students will engage in a vast range of film texts, developing skills of observation, critical analysis and personal reflection. Students who undertake this A-level enjoy it enormously.

What will I study?

AS Units

FM1 - Exploring Film Form: Coursework

  • An essay analyzing how the micro aspects of a chosen extract from a film of candidate’s choice produces meanings and responses (1500 words 30 marks) looking at mise-en-scene, editing, camera movement and shots, sound, performance.
  • A creative project producing a digital photograph storyboard of a film sequence (50 marks)

FM2 - British and American Film: Exam 2hrs 30 mins

Three questions, one from each section

  • Section A: Producers and Institutions- an investigation of the film industry and audiences through 9 different topics eg the star system, Hollywood Studio system. Response to exam board stimulus material in the exam. (40 marks)
  • Section B: British Film eg ‘Borders and Belonging’ looking at ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ and ‘Ghosts’ or British film stars Julie Christie and Ewan McGregor are recent sample topics. (40 marks)
  • Section C: US Film- comparative study of two films (eg ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Platoon’ or ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘The Godfather’) (40 marks)

A2 Units

FM3 - Film Research and Creative Projects

  • Small scale research project on a topic of your choice (40 marks)
  • Creative Project- Film Trailer or Short film (60 marks)

FM4 - Varieties of Film Experience: Issues and Debates

  • Section A: World Cinema eg French New Wave, Italian Neo-realism, Mexican Cinema (35 marks)
  • Section B: Spectatorship Topics eg Documentary (35 marks)
  • Section C: Single Film Study eg ‘Fight Club’, ‘Talk To Her.’ (30 marks)