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Exam Rules & Guidance

Pupils having public exams are reminded that if they have any exams in South Wing Hall or Gym, then they must not gather in the main foyer next to the reception. Pupils come into their exam venues through the two gym doors facing the field. At the start of each exam session every day, a seating plan will be put up in the middle playground next to the gym. Pupils will have to find their seat on it and line up under the labels for their rows. These labels will be clearly marked on the inner fence all around the court. Each row will be asked to enter their venue when called, one at a time in perfect silence. Parents must advise pupils about this change in the system so that there is no confusion and chaos on the day of the exam.

Parents are also requested to go through the following rules and regulations that pupils are required to follow while in an exam room and inform pupils about the code of conduct:

  1. No electronic gadgets like mobile phones, I pads, I phones, MP3 players, ear phones, head phones etc. will be allowed inside an examination room. Pupils will be asked to leave all their belongings outside the exam venue. If a hidden mobile phone goes off during an exam, it will be confiscated and the pupil will be reported to the examination board. This may lead to disqualification from that paper/ subject or any future public exams. Pupils are reminded to switch off any alarms scheduled on their phones as these can go off even when the phone is switched off.
  2. No exam equipment will be provided by the school. Pupils must bring their own pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, rulers, calculators, etc. for the exam. Pupils must be aware of the materials they require for the exam they sit. If in doubt, please ask the subject teacher.
  3. Hooded tops and outdoor jackets will not be allowed inside the exam venue. Due to cold weather pupils must arrange for warm clothing that does not have a hood. Pupils will be sent home to change or will be asked to wait at the reception until someone from home brings appropriate clothing for them.
  4. Pupils must not wear accessories that conceal their wrists and must not write anything on their hands. Pupils will be asked to remove any jewellery that does not allow a clear view of their hands. Only watches will be allowed.
  5. Pupils must behave responsibly once inside the exam venue. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and pupils will be reported to the exam board and banned from any future public exams. Pupils must follow instructions given to them by the invigilators.
  6. Pupils will only be allowed to take a bottle of water to their exam desks. No other drink or food items will be allowed unless they have a medical condition that the school has been made aware of in advance. Pupils must remove the label on their bottle before they take it to their seat.
  7. Pupils must only bring see through pencil cases to their desks. Any other fancy pencil cases that do not allow a clear view of the items inside; will not be allowed inside the exam venue.
  8. Pupils must arrive at their exam venue at 08:45 AM and 13:15 PM for the morning and afternoon sessions respectively. Lateness will lead to pupils not being given their lost time.
  9. Pupils must wear their lanyards at all times in the exam venue as this is the only proof of identification they are allowed to bring in. This is an exam board requirement so that invigilators can identify that pupils are sitting at the right desks. Pupils will not be allowed inside the exam venue without their lanyards.

Please read our student handbook for exams

The handbook contains useful information about:

  • Exam times, lanyards, illness and emergency
  • Candidate number, seats and equipment
  • Exam room rules
  • Emergency evacuation procedure
  • Additional time, appeals and special consideration
  • Exam results
  • Applying for a re-mark/ script requests