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Emailing Staff

If you want to email a member of staff directly, please use the email addresses listed below. Please note the following:

Some staff work part-time only and may not see your email until they are next in school

If your query/comment is regarding your child, you should address it to their tutor or subject teacher in the first instance

Teaching staff often have full days in the classroom so may not see your email immediately

Contact details for staff can also be found in the relevant Department section within Learning

You may find the answers to some popular questions in our FAQ section

Please also read our Email Guidance for advice on making the most of email correspondence.

Staff List (By Surname)




Alam, Mr S

ICT Teacher

Adebayo, Mr T Maths Teacher

Aldridge, Mr S

Head of Philosophy, Religion & Ethics

Allaway, Ms K

Senior Leader(Alternative Provision) & DT Teacher

Allen, Mr T

English Teacher

Andreou, Ms A Careers Advisor

Arrowsmith, Ms J

Head of Year 10 Selvon & PRE Teacher

Bagherzadeh, Mr M

DT Teacher

Bailey, Ms L

PE Teacher

Barsby, Mr D Assistant Head

Bhambra, Ms V

DT Teacher

Boswell, Ms D


Brooks, Ms E

Associate Assistant Head & English Teacher

Brough, A Ms Geography Teacher

Brown, Ms L

Pastoral/Student Welfare/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Brown, Ms R


Bruel, Ms V

ML Teacher

Butcher, Ms N

English Teacher

Carrim, Ms S


Chappel, Ms R Maths Teacher

Charalambous, Dr L

Science Teacher

Cockerham, Ms C

Assistant Librarian

Coles, Ms C

English Teacher

Common, Ms L

Head of History

Commons, Mr N Head of Physics

Corke, Mr O

Head of Psychology

Cox, Ms J Physics Teacher

Cox, Mr S

 PE Teacher

Cristiano, Mr A

Art Teacher

Cuenca, Ms I

Head of Year 7 Franklin & ML Teacher

Cunningham, Ms K

Head of Year 12 & English Teacher

Dabrowska, Ms J

ML Teacher (Mat Leave 2018)

Davey, Mrs J


Demetriou, Ms M

Head of Communication, Fundraising Development

De Freitas, Ms N

History and Politics Teacher

Doogan, Ms L

English Teacher

Dutton, Ms A  LINC
Emeriau Gurtner, Ms A ML Teacher

Fernee, Mr D

Site Assistant

Fineberg, Ms F

Assistant Head & ML Teacher

Foster, Ms R learning Mentor

Fox, Ms K

English Teacher

Garnett, Ms A

Deputy Head of Year 10 Selvon & History Teacher

Gallais, Ms L


Gelagotellis,Ms TH English Teacher
Georgiou, Mr N Head of English

Gill, Ms A

Maths Teacher

Gill, T Ms

English Teacher

Gonzalez, N Ms Admissions
Graham, Ms E Science Teacher

Greany, Ms P

Psychology Teacher

Greenwood, Ms A


Gwyn-Jones, Ms H

Science Teacher

Hall, Ms A

Science Teacher

Haines, Mrs M

Co-Heads' PA

Hann, Mr A

Head of Science

Happy, Mr C

Maths Teacher

Hargreaves, Ms S

Deputy Head of Year 7 Franklin & Philosophy Teacher

Hawkes, Mr M

Deputy Head of Year 8 Keats & PE Teacher

Hearty, Mr P

English Teacher

Hesse, Mr S Deputy Head

Holden, Mr G

Art Teacher

Holder, Ms K

Head of Geography

Holt, Mr K

Science Teacher

Huang, Ms H

ML Teacher (Mat Leave 2018)

Huxley, Mr D

HoC/DHoY Co-ordinator and Behaviour Team Lead

Ioannou, Ms M

Finance Administrator

Izzet, Ms M

Receptionist SW/ Music Administrator

Jackson, Ms K

Senior Teacher 

(Mental Health Champion and Teacher Support)

Jackson, Ms S Attendance Officer
Jefferies, Mr J Director of Music

Jenkins, Mr P

Head of Maths

John, J Ms Sociology Teacher

Johnson, Mr S

Behaviour Management Officer

Jones, Ms E

Maths Teacher

Judge, Ms Z


Kalantari, Ms S

Science Teacher

Kaloga, Mr C

ML Teacher

Kay, Mr G

PE Teacher

Kaye, Ms A

Wellbeing  Teacher

McKay, R Mr Physics Teacher

Kelsey, Mr M

Geography Teacher

Kenny, Mr B

Head of Year 13 & English Teacher

Keogh, Ms A

Business Manager

Khatun, Ms S

Maths Teacher

King, Ms S

Maths Teacher

Kirkland, Mr T

English Teacher

Knight, Ms R Administrator 6th Form

Kubiangha, Ms A

Maths Teacher

Letford, Ms C

Associate Assistant Head & Geography Teacher

Lewis, Mr G

Head of Year 9 Turing & ML Teacher

Lewis, Ms C

Academic Coach

LI, H, Mr ML Teacher

Liggett, Mr D

Head of Design & Technology

Lorenta Mateo, Ms P

Deputy Head of Year 9 Turing & ML Teacher

MacWhinnie, Mr A  Maths Teacher

Mahmood, Mr I

Maths Teacher

Mangan, Ms K

Acting Deputy Head of English and KS5 Lead

Manhare, Mr S

Science Teacher

Massey, Ms S

SPE Teacher

McGuinness, Mr G

Maths Teacher

McRill, Mr T

Maths Teacher

Miller, Mr K

Behaviour Support Officer

Monsen-Elvik, Mr J


Murray, Ms S

Clerk to Governors

Nagata, Mr J

Maths Teacher

Norton, Ms A

English Teacher

Oakley, F Ms Maths Teaher

Oddi, Ms C


O'Hanlon, Ms R Parent and Student Engagement Officer
Orton, Mr S Director of Sport

Ovayolu, Mr B

ICT Teacher

Overs, Mrs L

Head of Drama

Ozakan, Mr S Chemistry Teacher

Paul, Ms G

Teacher of Biology

Porter, Mr J


Powell, Ms M

Head of Art

Rainey, Mr P

Head of Modern Languages

Renner, Mr M

Head of Business Studies & Economics

Riddell, Ms S

English Teacher

Robson, Ms R

Acting Exams Officer

Saleem, Mr R

Science Teacher

Salter, Ms Amika KS4 Lead

Sheldon, Ms R

Geography Teacher

St-Amour, Ms A Assistant Head Sixth Form

Stevenson, Ms J

Drama Teacher

Stewart, Mr D

History Teacher

Simms, Ms J Maths Teacher

Sullivan, Ms K

Deputy Head

Sullivan, Ms S

History Teacher

Tailor, Ms P

DT Technician

Tehan, Ms F

Academic Coach (6th Form)

Thurley, Ms C

Finance Officer

Tibble, Ms K

Learning Mentor

Topping, Ms M

Senior Teacher (Attendance and Curriculum Development)

Timon, Mr S

ML Teacher

Turner, Ms D

Deputy Head of Year 11 Wollstonecraft & Drama Teacher

Valentine, Mr R

Business Studies & Economics Teacher

Vangucci, Ms M

PE Teacher

Wagle, Mr S

Science Technician

Walker, Mr T


Ward, Mr A

Senior Teacher (Timetable and Staff  Deployment)

Ward, Mr D DT Teacher

Ward, Mrs G


Willcocks, Mr P

English Teacher

Williams, Ms k

Head of Year 11 Wollstonecraft & PE Teacher

Williams, Ms A

Head of Year 8 Keats & Art and DT Teacher

Wilson, Ms H Geography Teacher

Woolley, Mr R

Art Teacher

Yakup, Mr M

Head of ICT

Zamyadi, Mr F

Maths Teacher