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Well qualified subject specialists offer a wide range of courses to develop students' interests in the business and financial sectors, with Economics becoming ever more popular at both GCSE and A level.  Students gain a full appreciation of how markets and the real economy operate, using up to date examples and thought provoking classroom discussion to interpret daily news from the Economic, Political and Business World.  An Economics and Financial Markets club enables current issues to be discussed in more depth.

GCSE Business Studies provides students with an introduction to the departments within a business, as well as an appreciation of the external environment within which businesses operate.

The Applied Business course at Key Stage 5 helps encourage students to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in realistic business contexts, such as discovering the problems and opportunities faced by local businesses. This option will appeal to students who have a preference for coursework, as two-thirds of the Units are internally assessed by portfolio.  


KS4 Economics topics include:

  • Supply + demand
  • Elasticity
  • Business structures
  • Taxation + Govt. spending
  • Externalities
  • Inflation + Growth
  • Unemployment
  • Exchange rates

KS4 Business topics include:

  • Setting up a business
  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human resources
  • External business environment

(GCSE Business and Economics - Edexcel (Nuffield - BP) - 1171)

KS5 (AS + A Level)

AS: F581: Markets in Action
  F582: The National and the International Economy
A2: F583: Economics of Work and Leisure
  F585: The Global Economy
(Edexcel - AS: 8121, A2: 9121)
Applied Business
AS: Unit 1: Investigating Business
  Unit 2: People in Business
  Unit 3: Financial Planning (Exam)
A2: Unit 8: Business Planning
  Unit 10: Promotional Activities
  Unit 12: Managing People (Exam)
(AQA - AS: 5131, A2: 6131)

Extra Curricular

Students in the Department will have the opportunity to participate in:

  • London Enterprise Challenge (Y10)
  • Shares4Sschools (Y12)
  • The Ifs Student Investor Challenge
  • The Bank of England Target 2.0 Inflation Competition (Y12/13)
  • Challenge the Chancellor Competition
  • Young Economist of the Year (Y12/13)
  • IFS Young Business Writer of the Year (Y12/13)


Contact the Business Studies & Economics Department:


Renner, Mr M Head of Business Studies & Economics

Valentine, Mr R

Business Studies & Economics Teacher