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Our extra-curricular activities sport programme is available to all Fortismere pupils. This enrichment programme seeks to influence and inspire every pupil, motivate them and enable them to pursue sporting adventures and interests outside their academic studies.   

The extra-curricular programme is held on a termly basis and the majority of our activities are delivered by Fortismere sports staff, whilst others are run by visiting expert specialists in their discipline.

PE Extra-Curricular Timetable: 

*Boots and Shin-pads are required for football*  

 Monday Lunchtime: Y7 Badminton (Sports Hall), Y7 Table Tennis(SW Gym), Y7 Games (Astro), Y11 BB (BB Courts) and Y10 Fitness (Fitness Room).

Monday After School: All Year Group Cross Country(School Field), Y7 Boys Football(School Field), Y9 and Y10 Netball (Netball Courts), Y7, Y8 and Y9 Rugby(School Field) and Sixth Form Handball (Sports Hall)

Tuesday Lunchtime: Y8 Badminton (Sports Hall), Y8 Table Tennis(SW Gym), Y8 Games(Astro), Y11 BB(BB Courts) and Y11,12 and Y13 Fitness (Fitness Room)

Tuesday After School: All Year Group Hockey (Astro), Y8 and Y9 Football, (School Field), Y8 Netball (Netball Courts) and Y10 and Y11 GCSE Practical Club/ Badminton (Sports Hall)

Wednesday Lunchtime: Y9 Badminton (Sports Hall), Y9 Table Tennis (SW Gym),Y9 Games (Astro),Y11 BB (BB Courts) and Y10 Fitness (Fitness Room)

Wednesday After School: Sixth Form Badminton (Sports Hall), Sixth Form Football (Field), Sixth Form Fitness (Fitness Room), Sixth Form Netball (Netball Courts)

Thursday Lunchtime: Y10 Badminton (Sports Hall), Y10 Table Tennis (SW Gym), Y10 Games (Astro), Y11 BB (BB Courts), Y11,12 and 13 Fitness (Fitness Room) and All Years Cross-Country(Coldfall Woods)

Thursday After School: All Year Group Cross Country (School Field), Y7 Netball (Netball Courts), Sixth Form Handball (SW Gym), KS3 Badminton (Sports Hall) and All Girls Football (Astro)

Friday Lunchtime: Sixth Form Badminton (Sports Hall), Y11,12 and 13 Table Tennis (SW Gym), Y7, Y11 and Sixth Form Games (Astro), Y11 BB (BB Courts) and Sixth Form Fitness (Fitness Room)