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Our sports curriculum gives every student an understanding and value of the importance of physical activity and mental wellbeing in their daily life. All our lessons incorporate a programme of physical literacy aimed at developing the individual performer.

It is our intention to provide the best possible preparation for talented athletes who are looking to work hard and immerse themselves physically, mentally and academically in our exciting and unique sporting programmes.

The department aims to nurture and foster a love of all sports: to sustain and develop a life-long habit of exercising and practising sports after pupils leave Fortismere.

From Years 7-13 pupils have the opportunity to be involved in the following activities, either as part of the curriculum or within the extra-curricular programme:

Athletics Basketball Badminton
Cricket Dance Football
Hockey Netball Rounders
Rugby Tennis Volleyball

Intent Statement

Concept Physical Education

The Physical Education Department has totally revamped our Core Curriculum offering to Fortismere students. We now teach a curriculum that, we believe, meets the needs of every student, allows for progression by every student, and nurtures ‘physical literacy’. PE is highly valued at Fortismere. A concept PE curriculum is an approach that moves away from sport specific subject content and instead emphasises ‘big ideas’ (concepts) that span multiple physical activity disciplines. These ‘Concepts’ are taught through mostly traditional activities and sports (the concept vehicles) and of course there is a large cross-over with sport. However, in PE, pupils are not judged or assessed on how well they perform very sport specific skills but rather PE concepts that can be applied across a range of disciplines. By shifting the focus of the curriculum and success criteria of each lesson , we are doing so much more than getting students active, we are teaching them relevant life skills, developing stronger connections to physical activity and improving the experiences within PE for every child. This makes the PE curriculum very accessible to all and motivates students to develop a passion for physical activity that, we hope, will stay with them for life. The department has embraced the use of hinge assessments and uses early identification of problem areas for students. Using the wide ranges of experience within the PE team, solutions are implemented. This is an ever ongoing process and one which we fully expect to see rewarded with greater pupil achievement and progress. The close relationship with sport is encouraged and students who want to find out more about specific sports, they may have experienced in their lessons, are encouraged to attend a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities where the focus is more ‘coaching’ based.


Mr M Hawkes

Head of PE

Ms K Jackson

PE teacher

Ms K Williams

PE Teacher

Ms A Boot

PE Teacher

Mr D Barsby

PE Teacher

Mr S Cox

PE Teacher

Ms M Vangucci

PE Teacher
Mr G Kay

PE Teacher
Ms L Bailey

PE Teacher



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