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“Together we are bolder, brighter, better” is the motto Colosseum’s Student Ambassadors have chosen for the College. They felt it was important to recognise that, in Colosseum, working together as a team is the source of our strength. We really value the encouragement and support that comes within tutor groups and within the College. Colosseum’s colour is yellow and the student ambassadors thought that was appropriate because it is a bright and bold colour. The student ambassadors liked the idea that through being together in the College, all students can aspire to improve themselves. Colosseum students are not afraid to take risks and they aim to be bright in all senses of the word.

Student Ambassadors

The Colosseum Student Ambassadors meet fortnightly and set the agenda for the college. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, please contact your form tutor.

Head of Colosseum: Ms Kate Mangan