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Rule 1. Arrive on time for lessons, within 5 minutes – automatic C3

Rule 2. Come to every lesson fully prepared and equipped to learn.

Rule 3. All electrical devices must be switched off and put away before entering the classroom.

Rule 4. Listen carefully at all times and follow the instructions of the teacher. 

Around school

Rule 1. Arrive on time to lessons.

Rule 2. Move quietly and sensibly on corridors, stairways and walkways. (Always walk on the left-hand side.)

Rule 3. Have respect for our school environment.

Rule 4. Always show consideration and respect for the feelings of other people.

In BFL there are always consequences for not following these very basic expectations.

In classrooms

Students may receive up to two verbal reminders ‘consequences’ (C1 and C2) for two episodes of interrupting learning. These are recorded on a board displayed in the classroom but not recorded electronically. If a student disturbs learning for a third time in the same lesson, this is recorded electronically, as a C3 which results in a one hour detention after school (48 hours notice is given). If the student persists again, they are then issued with a C4 which is recorded on a slip. The student will be removed from the class for the remainder of the lesson and spend the following day in the Isolation room, which will be supervised by members of the senior leadership team.

Around school

Students who fail to follow school rules will be issued with a C3 immediately. 

As you will see from the above, at every stage, students are aware of the school’s expectations, the choices they have made and the subsequent consequences. BFL removes the ‘personal’ element and focuses on the behaviour not the individual. 

If you have any questions about BFL please email Ms K Allaway, Assistant Head at