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At Fortismere, bullying of any kind has never been tolerated and all members of the school community have a responsibility to work together to make life in school as safe and friendly as possible. Our Anti-Bullying policy highlights this and emphasises the importance of staff, students and parents/carers working together to create a secure and dynamic place of learning. To see the full policy, click here.

Alongside the policy, the KS4 Leadership team, made up of Year 11 students, has set up a student-based community which aims to build stronger relations between students of all years. As Student Leaders, we feel it is important to be approachable and act as a bridge between students and teachers. We would like to create a safe and open space for students to share their thoughts or problems, whether bullying-related or not. This could be pressures of school (academic or social), the use of the internet, how others are being treated or issues at home. We hope that this will encourage Fortismere’s inclusive nature and further communication across the school.

You can read the student-friendly version of the anti-bullying policy here. Students have also produced this poster which shows, at a glance, what the policy is all about.