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Admissions and Appeals


As a mixed foundation school for children aged 11 to 18,  Fortismere is its own admissions authority.  Applications for a place at Fortismere, for entry to Year 7, should be made via the local authority in which you live. In-Year applications (Years 7-11) should be made to our local authority, Haringey. If you live in Haringey, secondary transfer applications can be made on the Haringey Website or by paper application, but you must not do both.  

All applications for places at Fortismere will be considered in line with our Admissions policy and places will be allocated on the basis of these arrangements only.

Read our Admissions policies below for full details of how applications are handled and how places are allocated at Fortismere.

Admission above PAN

Governors agreed to admit above the published admission number (243) for entry in September 2019.  270 students will admitted.

Admissions Policy 2019-2020

Admissions Policy 2020-2021


How to Appeal

If you have not been offered a place at Fortismere School, the law entitles you to appeal against the decision to an Independent Appeal Panel. This panel is completely independent of the school and the Local Authority. The appeals are held at the school.

If you wish to appeal, please download and complete one of these forms:

You should include any evidence or supporting material with your appeal form and you must give the grounds for your appeal at the time you lodge your appeal form. Your appeal form will not be accepted unless you state the grounds for your appeal. You can appeal to more than one school. You are advised to read the leaflet about appeals before you complete your appeal form. There is also a leaflet about appealing to a Sixth Form.

Please see the timetable for appeals here