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Admissions and Appeals

As a mixed foundation school for students aged 11 to 18,  Fortismere is its own admission authority.  This means that the governing body is responsible for setting and agreeing the school's Admissions policy (also known as the Admission Arrangements) and for making all admissions related decisions.

Applications for a place at Fortismere in the normal admissions round (secondary transfer process Yr6-YR7)

 If you want to apply for a place at Fortismere  for entry to Year 7 as part of the normal admissions round (also known as Secondary Transfer), you should apply via the local authority in which your child lives.  The local authority will publish information on its website explaining how to do this - make sure you read this information carefully.   If your child lives in Haringey, you can make an application for a place in Year 7 and find information on the Haringey website School Admissions

All applications for places at Fortismere will be considered in line with our Admissions policy and places will be allocated on the basis of these arrangements only.


Read our Admissions policies below for full details of how places are allocated at Fortismere and how to make an application.  

Admission policy for entry from September 2022-2023

Admission policy for entry from September 2023-2024

Admission policy for entry from September 2024 determined on 6 Feb 2023

In-year applications for a place at Fortismere

If you are applying for a place at Fortismere at any time other than when your child is starting Year 7 at secondary transfer time, or if you are applying for your child to move to Fortismere from their current secondary school, you will be making an in-year application.  

All in-year applications for places at Fortismere are handled on behalf of the school by Haringey Local Authority Admissions Service.  Please contact Haringey Admissions Service to make an in-year application for a place at Fortismere – see this link for information on making an in-year application   

You can also contact Haringey Admissions Service by email: or by telephone: 020 8489 1000

Places at Fortismere will be offered in accordance with the criteria set out in the school’s Admissions policy.  If there are no places available in the required year group and your application is refused, you can request that your child’s name is added to the waiting list for the school.  If you apply for a place for your child at Fortismere and your application is refused you will have the right of appeal as outlined in our Admissions policy and on this page below.

    How to Appeal for a place at fortismere

If your child has not been offered a place at Fortismere School, the law allows you to appeal against the decision to an Independent Appeal Panel. The panel that hears your appeal is completely independent of the school.  Appeals for places at Fortismere are handled on behalf of the school by Haringey Local Authority.

If you wish to appeal for a place at Fortismere, please follow this link:

You should include any evidence or supporting material with your appeal form and you must give the grounds (reasons) for your appeal at the time you lodge your appeal form. Your appeal form will not be accepted unless you state the grounds for your appeal.

You can appeal to more than one school and you can still appeal if your child is on the waiting list for the school.  The Department for Education have produced advice for parents on school admission appeals - see this link for a copy

Timetable for Secondary Transfer Appeals 2023

Appeals for Fortismere received by the deadline, 3 April 2023 will be heard on the dates shown below. All appeals will be heard online. These dates and times are subject to change, but changes are likely to be minimal if any.  You should attend both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of your appeal hearing. The independent appeals administrator will contact you to let you know exactly when your appeal hearing is taking place.

Fortismere Stage 1 hearing: 24 April 2023 6pm; Stage 2 hearings: 25,26,27 April 2023