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Rob Lloyd Jones & Jake Atlas

Author and Egyptologist, Rob Lloyd Jones enthrals Year 7s with his Jake Atlas series.

On Tuesday 21st February we were delighted to welcome author Rob Lloyd Jones back to Fortismere.  We have always been impressed with the way he engages our students with anecdotes about how he became a reader and writer after initially hating books and being a “Bad Boy” at school (he did stress that no-one should ever steal biscuits from the staff room and give out in the playground, even if they do believe they are Robin Hood).  He also talked to packed audiences of Year 7s about his latest series, Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake, taking the students on a treasure hunt through his life and inspiration.  In a previous life, Rob was an Egyptologist, and he fascinated us all with information about the ancient world that he had gained during his work in the Valley of the Kings.