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Tales from Everest

What a day we had in the library on Wednesday 18th January with author, film-maker and Everest-summiteer Matt Dickinson!

Our Year 7s and Year 8s were enthralled by Matt's tales of danger and adventure and - this may worry you - the majority would be prepared to risk a 4% chance of death to climb Mount Everest. They heard about the dangers of operating tiny camera buttons (frostbite – with pictures!) and peeing (don’t ask!) at minus 72 degrees. They learnt that Toffee Crisp bars explode on Everest (the air in the puffed rice expands in the thin air) and that squatters can take over your tents at base camp. Matt also got the students to empathise with the Nepalese porters who carry loads of over 100kg for £8 a day and, when talking to a Year 9 group about climate change and global warming, the problems caused by trekkers, climbers and tourists to the local communities.