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Patron of Reading Meets New Year 7s

Patron of Reading, SF Said, meets our new Year 7s for the first time. They talked about their favourite books, inspiration and perseverence. SF was a huge hit as always!

On Thursday 3rd November Fortismere’s Patron of Reading, S F Said, met all our Year 7s for the first of his visits over the next year.  They shared their favourite books with him, and he with them; Watership Down (Adams) and The Earthsea Quartet (le Guin) will be very popular loans from the library for the next few weeks!  Our students now know that drafting and re-drafting is essential to create a prize winning novel, and all good writers are good readers.  They discovered that Phoenix would not exist without the influence of the film Star Wars (before it became Part IV) and that it’s necessary to persevere even when you’ve been rejected by publishers (80 times!)  There wasn’t enough time for SF to answer all the questions that the delightful audience wanted to ask so he encouraged them to go onto his website and post questions there.  He answers everything, and says it’s easier than writing a book…!