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Learning Latin

After-school Latin classes prove to be very popular! Sincere thanks to the team of volunteers from UCL Classics Department, and Governor Pat Dugdale, for making this possible.


Latin lessons run at 3.30pm on Thursdays.  Any student interested in starting or continuing to learn Latin should go to Room S12 then. We have a team of volunteers from the UCL Classics Department led by Parent-Governor Pat Dugdale and should be able to cater for all levels from beginners to GCSE. We teach students of all ages, who relish the challenge and find it valuable support in their English and modern foreign  language work. It is also popular with 6th formers, particularly classical civilisation students, and enhances their university applications. This summer, we entered 14 students for Latin exams, seven for GCSE or GCSE equivalent level 2 exams and 7 for intermediate level 1 exams. The results were excellent, with all students doing well and the majority achieving A* grades, a major achievement by students, some as young as year 9, who had had only one Latin lesson a fortnight as part of Fortismere's enrichment programme! We are delighted that we can now offer Latin lessons weekly in the new after-school slot on Thursdays.