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SCHOOL CLOSURE: Strike Action on 2 March

Fortismere will be closed to the majority of students on Thursday 2 March 2023 owing to strike action by the NEU. 

The only exception to this will be those students deemed ‘vulnerable’ by the DfE’s definition.

Year 11: All Y11 students will be required to attend Fortismere for at least part of the school day. Details will be ParentMailed on Monday.

Year 13:  Y13 students are welcome to work onsite for the day. Targeted Y13 students will be contacted separately and will be expected to attend study sessions at school.

Teachers that are working on this date will provide work online for their students and will be contactable via google classroom to provide assistance.  Please note that teachers who are striking are not legally required to provide work for the day.

Students who would normally receive a free school meal on that day but are not at school will receive an additional payment with their holiday FSM vouchers.

For the NEU’s explanation for the strike, please click here   We are aware that the DfE and the NEU are in talks which may lead to the postponement of the planned day of action on 2 March. We will keep parents/carers informed of any development.

Zoe Judge and Jo Davey Co-Headteachers