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UPDATED 17/7/22 - EXTREME HEAT 18th & 19th JULY

The heat plan has been updated following an onsite inspection today (Sunday) and the following arrangements apply for tomorrow, Monday 18th July 2022

Year 7,8 and 9: Onsite teaching in school (see details below)

Year 10 and Year 12: Remote learning (see details below)

Year 7,8 and 9:   Y7,8,9 should arrive at school at the normal time for registration.

Students will follow their usual timetable but may be taught in different classrooms. As outlined in the heat plan sent out in the Newsletter and by Parentmail, students will be able to access water throughout the day. Remaining GL assessments will be cancelled.

We expect students to arrive appropriately dressed for the weather. wearing hats or scarves and light-coloured loose-fitting clothes. We will also be minimising the amount of time students spend outside. When it is necessary for students to change wings we will be ensuring they do not spend too long in the sun.

We have requested that the food on offer at break and lunchtime is cold and students will be able to eat inside the main halls in the South and North wing. We will also be allowing students to be inside during lunchtime. Those who want to be outside will only be allowed for a limited period and we will not allow vigorous activities such as football.

Year 10 and Year 12:   Y10 and Y12 will access their learning online via GMeet in their Google Classroom, following their usual timetable (week 2). Lessons will be no longer than 50 minutes to allow students time to switch from one lesson to another.  The remaining Y10 exams will be postponed until September.

If any parent/carers of Y10 need to have their son or daughter in school on Monday, please email Dan Ward, Head of Y10 ( and send your child to the South Wing Hall for 8.30am.  

Medical needs:    The Welfare Officer and first aiders have all received updated advice on heat and sunstroke.

Attendance:  Due to the exceptional circumstances and the Code Red designation, if parents/ carers believe that their son/daughter should not attend Fortismere tomorrow, please email or leave a message via the attendance option on the Fortismere phone line.

Tuesday July 19:  We will decide about the arrangements for Tuesday 19th on Monday afternoon and will update you via parentmail and the school website so please look out for messages 

Best wishes

Jo Davey and Zoe Judge