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Olympia Student Ambassadors

Olympia Student Ambassadors impress at City Hall!

Sara Ramgoolie, Dylan Tapper, Esme Whelan, Adam Ramgoolie and Ella Carsley represented Fortismere at City Hall on Tuesday 8th December. Fortismere, Greig City Academy, Gladesmore Community School and North Haringey Primary School have been invited as Team London Schools participating in the Team London Young Ambassador Programme, to take part in piloting a new initiative called the Team London Young Leaders Programme. As part of this programme, the schools will work together to design and run their own project which will benefit the local community. They will also be given a grant. The meeting at City Hall is one of several meetings which will take place during the year. Afterwards, students said:

“ It was a great privilege to attend and it helped to develop those vital ‘soft’ skills needed, in particular my confidence and communication skills. I also enjoyed getting to know other people from Haringey and other boroughs of London.” Adam Ramgoolie 

“ The day inspired me to do more for my community, I am looking forward to getting started on our project about Homelessness.” Ella Carlsey

“It was an amazing opportunity to speak on behalf of Haringey borough, representing our views.” Dylan Tapper

“It was great, we interacted with other schools and worked as a team, we really enjoyed it and learnt so much, we also spoke to a big audience developing our confidence.” Sara Ramgoolie

“ It was a once in a life time experience, I felt honoured to be able to represent Fortismere and to give ideas on how to improve the borough of Haringey and cannot wait to get started on the project.” Esme Whelan